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What does a Father look like? My dad was a somewhat rotund fellow who loved working with his hands, play wrestling with his children, making up and telling imaginative stories, and pulling stunts that us kids would never have been able to instigate. But what about your dad?

John Hoffman and Today’s Parent put together a recent survey of 1,000 fathers and came up with this: What a Dad looks like in 2010. The survey suggests Dads today are more involved in household tasks, are still away from the house too much for work, and are choosing to be more involved with the kids. So what does this all mean for fathers?

John Hoffman is going to be here with the Family Care Office in December to present at the Brown Bag Lunch Series for Dads titled, “The Father Child Connection: How to connect and stay connected with your kids.” You can register for this great workshop on our site! John will talk about the importance of building relationships with your children and how to maintain them. This will be a great time for dads to share experiences and learn from others, and we hope you’ll come out and join us!