Daddy Needs a Drink

“When traveling with small kids, a friend of mine once told me, double the time it takes to get somewhere. He wasn’t just referring to long trips, either. After his daughter learned to move, it took him two hours to walk to his next-door neighbor’s house to borrow a wrench.”

Daddy Needs a Drink is a humorous book written from the perspective of a “Mr. Mom” whose laugh-out loud stories are a must read for Dads-to-be, who will get a first hand glance at the machinations, contortions and realizations of fatherhood, or for current fathers who will be able to relate all too easily. Each chapter is a story and with titles like “Baby Oh Baby Monitor”, “Dance for Grandma” and “We’ve Got a Runner”, there’s bound to be something for everyone. The short, easy to read chapters are perfect for busy parents or student-parents; read it on the subway/bus or as a quick break in between chasing down Jr. for bed, finishing up the paper due tomorrow, and preparing that drink you feel you need deserve.

Daddy Needs a Drink is available to check out from the Family Care Office resource library, come in and check it out!