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Staying Active All Year Long

Staying active in the summer tends to be much easier between swimming to keep cool and walking around enjoying the sunshine. When the cool weather hits, many bunker down, often in front of the TV. Keeping active throughout the fall and winter doesn’t have to be that hard. There are many activities to keep you are your family on the go regardless of the temperature.

Fall temperatures are definitely bearable if you are dressed appropriately. Sunny fall afternoons are a great opportunity to get the whole family outside to rake leaves. It doesn’t have to be chore, rake the leaves into large piles and then let your children jump into them. Alternatively, plan a trip to a farm where you can all get lost in a corn maze or go apple picking. Check out Eat Right Ontario for more great ideas on fall activities and healthy eating for the whole family.

Don’t let the winter months bare down on the physical health of your family either. Building snow castles and making snow angles after a fresh snow fall is a great way to keep active. If the cold temperatures are too much to tolerate, plan a summer day, where you hit up an indoor swimming pool, plan an indoor picnic with healthy summer treats, wear shorts indoors and pretend like its summer. For more ways to keep you children in active in the winter, check out Children Today.