Faculty of Kinesiology & Physical Education – Student Space Enhancement

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To support the Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education renovate the Clara Benson Pool Gallery into a Chill Spot, we interviewed students to learn how they use student spaces, and what makes a home away from home. We identified needs for basic amenities, convenience, community, comfort, and friendship. We also created a set of design principles and checklists to help architects construct the final space. 

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Access for Every Student

All students have equitable access to programs, services, resources, and spaces.

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Fostering Connectedness

Students experience a sense of belonging and connection within the UofT community.

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Whole Student Development

Students receive the support they need for their holistic well-being (physical, psychological, social, and emotional).


We found that central to the space is student well-being, which comes together in four themes:

  1. Being Alone Together
  2. Room to Connect
  3. A Home Away from Home
  4. One-Stop Shop

These themes contribute to students having solitary strength, community and support, comfort and security, and finally, access and accommodation. All of these elements are further discussed in the final report, along with journey maps and design principles to empower communities to design spaces that meet student needs.

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Research Team

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Zahira Tasabehji

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Jamie Lee

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Iris Gao

Design & Communications Team

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Gianina Ramos