Spotlight: What Do We Mean When We Talk About Community?

Social and Cultural Community at First Nations House

Charis Lam – Design Research Events Lead

Written by Charis Lam – Design Research Events Lead

In search of factors driving student engagement, First Nations House partnered with the Innovation Hub in summer 2018 to ask: what causes students and staff to engage and connect with First Nations House? Among the factors identified—including assistance with scholarships and housing, personal relationships to staff members. and access to the resource centre—cultural and social programming emerged as a need strongly felt by students. Thus, First Nations House and the Innovation Hub renewed their partnership to investigate what sorts of social and cultural programming students want. Continue reading “Spotlight: What Do We Mean When We Talk About Community?”

The Innovation Hub is Hiring for Summer Work-Study Positions!

By Kaitlyn Corlett, Project Assistant and Julia Smeed, Innovation Hub Projects Officer

Kaitlyn CorlettPhoto of Julia

Now that the winter term is coming to a close, it’s time to consider some exciting opportunities at the Innovation Hub for the summer 2019 term. The Innovation Hub offering a wide range of work-study positions open to all students who meet the eligibility requirements. These positions offer opportunities to work with various areas at the University of Toronto in team-oriented environments that are supported by innovative, design-thinking practices.

Continue reading “The Innovation Hub is Hiring for Summer Work-Study Positions!”

Spotlight: Trademark Licensing and Student Pride at U of T

Rachel Davis: Design Research Team Lead for Trademark Licensing
Rachel Davis: Design Research Team Lead for Trademark Licensing

Written by Rachel Davis: Design Research Team Lead for the Trademark Licensing Team

University of Toronto’s Trademark Licensing Department began their partnership with the Innovation Hub in the Summer of 2018 to better understand the ways in which a sense of school pride can be fostered in the lives of students. During this previous partnership, themes such as “survival” and “fragmentation” emerged from the research to describe students’ perception of the university experience. The Innovation Hub continued this partnership during the 2018-2019 academic year to expand on these themes and to better understand student pride at U of T. Continue reading “Spotlight: Trademark Licensing and Student Pride at U of T”

Spotlight: New College Dining Hall Team Shares Their Results!

By The New College Dining Hall Team

These past few months, our team has been investigating student and staff perspectives on how the New College Dining Hall might be redesigned to offer an innovative, multi-use community eating space. When this process drew to a close, we then presented our data and analysis to the University of Toronto’s Food Services stakeholders. We brought forth three themes that emerged throughout our research: comfort, community and communication. Continue reading “Spotlight: New College Dining Hall Team Shares Their Results!”

Spotlight: SLP Team Shares Their Results!

By Charis Lam, Design Research Events Lead

charis lam

As students, we often think of staff as curating the university experience for us—laying out the processes and procedures between us and our degrees. Yet, staff are not just responsible for providing the university experience; they also share it, albeit from a different perspective. Through the Future of SLP (Student Life Professionals) project, my team had the chance to take a peek into this perspective. Continue reading “Spotlight: SLP Team Shares Their Results!”

New College Dining Hall: Data Analysis

By The New College Dining Hall Team

This academic year, our team has been trying to answer this question: how might the New College Dining Hall be redesigned to offer an innovative and multi-use community eating and social space for students and staff? We conducted long-form ethnographic interviews with staff and students, as well as with New College Dining Hall users and students who eat primarily at other dining halls. Continue reading “New College Dining Hall: Data Analysis”

What makes a fulfilling undergraduate experience?

By Margaryta Ignatenko, Innovation Hub Training Team

As a third-year undergraduate student at UTSC I think at the core to a fulfilling undergraduate experience is connecting to a community on campus, applying my disciplinary knowledge to work that is rewarding, and discovering my untapped passions and interests. But what surrounds this core looks different for each of us and evolves as we do throughout our time in university; we need to be able to carve out unique experiences to meet our diverse needs in a flexible environment that adapts and changes with its students.

What does the future undergraduate experience look like?   Will UofT be a place that fosters distinct and fulfilling experiences for each student, while creating a deep sense of unity? Continue reading “What makes a fulfilling undergraduate experience?”

Spotlight: SLP Data Analysis

By: Charis Lam, Design Research Events Lead

charis lam

At the Innovation Hub, we believe in designing for student success by listening to their voices. Yet, student success is not a pillar, standing alone. Students move through the university together with, and supported by, staff and faculty. Thus, helping student-facing staff succeed in their roles and feel fulfilled by their careers is important to both staff and students.  Continue reading “Spotlight: SLP Data Analysis”

Spotlight: Trademark Licensing Data Analysis

By Rachel Davis, Design Research Team Lead (Trademark Licensing)

Photo of Rachel

Do UofT students feel a sense of pride, and if so, how do they express it? That is the focus of investigation for the 2018-2019 Trademark Licensing project team.  UofT’s Trademark Licensing office is partnering with the Innovation Hub to explore how student narratives regarding institutional pride can lead to positive engagement with University of Toronto brands.

Before we began collecting data, we did some exercises to get our initial thoughts about the problem and solution on paper. Making our assumptions explicit was a crucial step for us, since we fall into the same demographics as the students we planned to research. We wanted to ensure we to mitigate the risk of subconsciously relying on our own experiences to answer this question. Continue reading “Spotlight: Trademark Licensing Data Analysis”

What Makes a Classroom Great? Join us and share your thoughts!

Photo of JuliaBy Julia Smeed, Innovation Projects Officer

The Transforming the Instructional Landscape team is pleased to invite students, staff and faculty to participate in our upcoming What Makes a Classroom Great? event.  Join us to explore different learning environments, imagine classroom possibilities and play with classroom furniture options.  Come and tell us what you think and we’ll have free pizza as our way of thanking you for your participation. Continue reading “What Makes a Classroom Great? Join us and share your thoughts!”