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Grad Escapes: Why you should go!

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By: Samara Moore, Gradlife Ambassador

Since I started grad school this fall, I have participated in a riveting game of The Resistance over unicorn inspired tea. I have held a medieval manuscript and rubbed my fingers against its ancient parchment pages. I have taken a courageous leap into improv, and have enjoyed the peaceful calm of jewelry making. I also attended my first cooking class, where I helped prepare a meal that I am proud of. I have engaged in a number of relaxing, joy filled and exhilarating experiences, over the past few months, because of my participation in Grad Escapes!

Grad Escapes are an excellent way to take a break from the demands of Graduate School and connect with other students, while having fun! I have had the privilege of meeting a number of my peers from different disciplines through Grad Escapes. Attending these events have helped me to feel more connected with students beyond my faculty. Grad Escapes have also given me the opportunity to explore places in the city and on campus, that I would have never thought to visit otherwise.

We have 3 more Grad Escapes scheduled for this semester! I strongly encourage you to come out to them!

  • Trivia Night
    • Thursday, November 15th, 7-8pm
    • There will be prizes, fun, and refreshments!
  • Escape Room Game at Robarts Library 
    • Tuesday, November 20th, 5-7pm
    • Game Description: “When Robarts Library comes under a ransomware attack, UofT grad students will have 60 minutes to fight for the survival of one of the world’s great library collections.  Join UofT Libraries for this fun and challenging escape room game. Dive into the dark corners of our brutalist maze and be sure not to lose your way. Time is running out. Presented in partnership with U of T Libraries.”
  • Gingerbread Houses at the Loblaws Cooking School
    • Wednesday, December 5th, 6-7:30pm
    • We will be decorating tasty gingerbread houses! Bring a friend or join us with your family! Did I mention that there will be an informal contest for the best gingerbread house?

I will be hosting all of our Grad Escapes this term. I would be thrilled to meet and welcome you, if you decide to join us at an upcoming event. I hope to see you soon!

Wishing you a fantastic week!



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