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Virtual U of T Grad Campus Tour: Fall 2018

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Guest Blogger: Sarah Dolman, Gradlife Program Intern

U of T St. George is a huge campus – if you’re a new grad student and feeling totally lost (as I was when I first started out!), you’re not alone! Even if you aren’t new to Toronto, you might not know about many of the grad-specific spaces, resources, and services. If you weren’t able to make it out to one of our in-person tours last week, check out the virtual tour below for all of the details!

To find out more about the services and locations, click on the titles to visit the websites for each.

Tour Map – Legend:

  1. RED STAR: School of Graduate Studies (SGS), 63 St. George St.
  2. ORANGE STAR: Centre for International Experience (CIE), 33 St George St.
  3. YELLOW STAR: Koffler Student Services Building, 214 College St.
  4. GREEN STAR: Bancroft Ave – Multi-Faith Centre, Grad Students Union, Bike Chain
  5. WHITE STAR: Athletics Centre, 55 Harbord St.
  6. LIGHT BLUE STAR: Grad Room / Grad House, 66 Harbord St.
  7. DARK BLUE STAR: 21 Sussex, 21 Sussex Ave.
  8. BROWN STAR: Robarts Library, 130 St George St.
  9. PINK STAR: Hart House, 7 Hart House Cir.


STOP 1: School of Graduate Studies (SGS), 63 St. George St.

  • Stop by for registration & enrollment concerns that can’t be solved at your home department; request letters to confirm registration
  • Financial advising
  • SGS runs the Graduate Professional Skills Program (GPS)
    • Learn a wide variety of transferable skills in the areas of communication, personal effectiveness, teaching competency, and research
  • Wellness counsellor dedicated to grad students
  • Student lounge – Feel free to hang out, anytime
  • SGS Orientation – Tuesday, September 4 – stop by the information fair and attend one of the sessions to learn more about all the SGS resources and services


STOP 2: Cumberland House – Centre for International Experience (CIE), 33 St George St.

  • Support for international and exchange students
    • Talk to the graduate student transition advisor Yaseen – he’s great! He does embedded advising in locations such as the Grad Room
    • Immigration and permanent residence advising
  • Find international study opportunities
  • Workshops on intercultural learning and communication

Centre for International Experience (Photo by Ken Rea)

STOP 3: Koffler Student Services Building, 214 College St.

Koffler Student Services Building (Photo by Ken Rea)


Walk by: Indigenous Student Services, Borden Building North, 3rd Floor, 563 Spadina Ave

  • Academic support and financial assistance for Indigenous students, including grads
  • Runs community events (e.g. Indigenous Education Week) and learning opportunities with Elders – open to all students

 (Not along the way) Accessibility Services, 455 Spadina – corner of Spadina & College

  • Talk to a disability advisor and register for accommodations to support your academic success

STOP 4: Bancroft Ave

Multi-Faith Centre & Centre for Community Partnerships, 569 Spadina Ave

  • Home of the Community Partnership Program (CPP), a great organization to join if you want to get involved in the Toronto community while you’re at U of T
  • Location of the Transitioning to Gradlife Orientation run by Gradlife on Sept. 24
  • Third floor is Multi-Faith Centre – space for all spiritual needs, e.g. prayer room, meditation, chaplains that provide spiritual counselling and guidance
  • Has a wide variety of educational and social activities for people of all kinds and levels of spirituality

Multi-Faith Centre (Source: University of Toronto)

GSU (Grad Students Union), 16 Bancroft Ave

  • Home of the Grad Student Union (dental, health insurance)
    • Welcome BBQ with grad-specific info fair on Wednesday, September 5, 4-8pm
  • GSU pub (365 days a year)
  • Number of committees, e.g. Grad Minds (mental health advocacy, talks, annual symposium, weekly yoga)

UTGSU (Photo by Shanna Hunter, The Varsity)

Bike Chain, 563 Spadina Crescent

  • Free bicycle rental for U of T students (you have to go in person to book it)
  • Workshops on bicycle safety and repairs

STOP 5: Athletic Centre, 55 Harbord St

  • The largest recreational gym on campus
  • Has: pool, running track, basketball courts, squash court, weight rooms, group fitness classes, etc.
  • Bring your TCard to enter
  • Other gyms: Hart House & Goldring Centre

Athletic Centre (Source: University of Toronto)

STOP 6: Grad Room & Grad House, 66 Harbord St

  • Grad Room is the study, workshop, and community space FOR GRADS
  • Grad Room has peer advisors called community animators (ask questions about: life as a grad, including events/workshops/jobs/volunteering/writing support, and more)
  • Embedded advisors often come here, e.g. from CIE or Conflict Resolution Centre
    • Graduate Conflict Resolution Centre – book an appointment with G2G (grad 2 grad) peer mentors online OR drop in at a location such as Grad Room to chat about problems with your thesis, your supervisor, etc. – booking and drop in times on CLN (Career Learning Network)
  • Downstairs has a workshop space – GPS classes, Grad Talks, Grad Minds Yoga, other activities
  • Grad House is the graduate student residence on campus

Grad Room (Source: University of Toronto)

Along the way – Sexual Violence Prevention & Support Office, 702 Spadina

  • Referrals for counselling, workshops, connect students with medical care/legal counsel/housing, etc.

STOP 7: 21 Sussex Ave

21 Sussex (Source: University of Toronto)

STOP 8: Robarts Library, 130 St George St

  • Tours for the first few weeks of school so you can learn the ins/outs
    • Each weekday in September (Sept 4-28) starting at 1:10pm – meet at the information desk on the first floor.
  • Awesome librarians who run workshops on how to do research & you can book consultations to get support with your research
  • Can also ask online – “Ask a Librarian” chat open during the day for research support
  • CTSI – Centre for Teaching Support & Innovation, run the Teaching Assistants Training Program

Robarts Library (Source: University of Toronto)


STOP 9: Hart House, 7 Hart House Cir

  • Student activity centre – tons of activities and opportunities to get involved & meet other students
  • Gym & fitness classes
  • Hart House Theatre
  • $5 lunch days once a month
  • “Get Crafty” events & Board Games Café
  • Open-house BBQ, “Explore Hart House” – Thursday, September 13th, 12-2pm (Try out a bunch of their programs and get free BBQ in return)

Hart House (Source: University of Toronto)

Along the way – King’s Circle Walk/En Route Walk

  • Medical Sciences Building – SGS orientation location
  • Convocation Hall
  • Queen’s Park (shortest route from East to West side of campus if you are TAing a class there)
  • Field = intramural sports like Quidditch, Grad Minds will sometimes host free yoga sessions here
  • Alumni Club – Pub and facilities are free to access as a grad student

Convocation Hall (Photo by Jphillips23)


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