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Written by Cricia Rinchon, GradLife Ambassador
Photo by Jason Krygier-Baum

“Congratulations and welcome [back] to graduate studies at the University of Toronto! The beginning of the year, especially for students moving to Toronto for the first time, can be a disorienting time. We at GradLife are excited to offer services to you in order to ease this transition. As the new GradLife Ambassador, part of my role is to help orient you on these services.” September Welcome Back Blogpost

If this is your first term here at UofT, I’d like to congratulate you on successfully changing your status from “Prospective Student” to “Current Student”. First things first: let’s get oriented on the UTSGS website’s major tabs:

Registration & Enrolment. The difference between registration enrolment is that registration refers to paying tuition and incidental fees, whereas enrolment refers to adding courses. The web interface important to both processes is ACORN (Accessible Campus Online Resource Network). Something important to note is that although you enrol on ACORN, the material for courses is posted on the Learning Portal (often referred to as “Portal”). ACORN is also the interface you use when ordering a transcript, which you’ll need when applying to awards.

Academics. Under this tab you’ll find a quick link the 2017-18 SGS Calendar, which lists Important Sessional Dates. A few key ones to note:

  1. JAN 12: Registration deadline for students registering or starting their program this term.
  2. JAN 22: Final date to add winter session course.
  3. FEB 19: Family Day (university closed), and many students have the 20-23rd off. If you find yourself having more leisure time during this week (although the SGS doesn’t have an official reading week, many graduate unit still cancel classes) be sure to register for our Grad Escape: Trivia Night at Harvest Noon Cafe.
  4. APRIL 30: Tuition deadline to avoid service charges on unpaid fall/winter sessions. Students who have a Major Award, Research Stipend, or Teaching Assistantship and were granted a tuition deferral must pay their tuition by this date.

Enhance Your ExperienceYou’re at UofT and likely a keen student and go-getter in life. Doing the bare minimum isn’t what got you here, so why stop now? You’re probably always thinking about how you can improve not only your weaknesses but also your strengths, planning next steps after graduate school, and keeping up to date with ways you can further your education as an academic and professional. UofT offers many programs that will help you through this like the Graduate Centre for Academic Communication, the Graduate Professional Development team, and the Graduate Professional Skills (GPS) program. Outside of academics, we also offer a lot of wellness support through the GradLife program.

If you have any other questions, feel free to tweet at us @UofTGradLife or send us a message us on Facebook. Be sure to check out the FAQs on the SGS Website as well here.



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