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UofT Flexible Futures Career Series for Grad Students Happening This Week!

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By guest blogger Jonathan Turner, PhD, Career Educator, U of T Career Centre

I’m Jonathan and I have a PhD. I work for the University of Toronto, but I’m not a professor. Some of my classmates work in publishing and editing, others have careers in museums or archives, a few work for the government writing and researching policy, and some are professors at universities around the world. We’re all successes! If you’re getting a graduate degree or pursuing a post-doc at UofT, you are awesome (you really are), and the possibilities are endless for what you might do next.

If you want help navigating what you might do next, how to apply for work, how to secure a job during an interview, or even what you can be doing throughout your graduate studies to be ready for the job market when you finish, then you’ll want to check out the Career Centre. From June 23rd to 26th we’re running programming for graduate students and post-docs only (you can come visit us any week of the year, but this week is just for you). We have a workshop each day, we have drop-in hours on Tuesday from 4 to 6pm, and we’ll be following the #UofTFlexibleFutures conversation on social media. Hope to see you there!

Sign-up for our workshops using the following links:

Applying for Work, Tuesday, June 23rd, 1-3:30 –,

Building Your Online Presence, Wednesday, June 24th, 10-12 –,

Interviewing for Work, Thursday, June 25th, 1-3:30 –,

Labour Market, Friday, June 26th, 10-12 –

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