Tuesday, April 24th, 2012...3:55 pm

A Day in the Life: Grad student, no exams, done papers

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And let’s not forget — one full week until Spring semester starts*! So please, let me share what one “academic” is up to:

1). Friend slept over last night. Friend wakes up at 7:30am to go to work. I smile at her in the morning just before she leaves. I know it is the least I can do — sucker.

2). Wake up at 9:30am. Feel guilty about waking up so early.

3). Make breakfast. Swat cat away from trying to eat breakfast. Drink 2 cups of coffee — it’s a big day.

4). I find truth on the internet:

5). Scan facebook feed. Same old. Mainly babies and weddings. Small judgements occur.

6). Did you know Brian McKnight is writing dirty ditties and putting them on youtube? These days are over folks.

7). Comes up with genius idea to ask twitter followers and facebook friends to send me entertaining things to look at. Gosh, I’m good at my job. Pats self on back.

8). I felt great about myself, then I’m sent this:

9). Recovers from necessary blow to ego. Watches time-lapse video of girl from birth to 12 years (in 2 min). Amazement ensues. Watch this:


10). Accuracy of this blog is proven when in reaction to my plea to friends and followers to send me entertaining things to watch, I am immediately offered suggestions by two fellow grad student friends. It appears the full-timers are actually at work, working. And in a poignant example of grad school summed up in one telling youtube meme, I offer you Greg’s suggestion: Nyan Cat. You can thank me later.


*I had to do some digging to find out when classes started. Next week is the first week of Spring session courses! Don’t forget!

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