Digital Connections Toolkit


The Digital Connections Toolkit is a resource aimed at empowering students to facilitate connections and engage with their own communities online.

Amidst a global pandemic, students are increasingly living their entire lives online - not only our school and work lives but our social lives as well. With so many platforms available, each equipped with a myriad of fancy features, it can be tough to figure out which ones are best suited for our needs. The Digital Connections Toolkit intends to provide information on the most popular platforms, along with its pros and cons, in one convenient place in order to help you make that decision.

This toolkit will help you:

  • familiarize yourself with the features of the most popular platforms
  • spark ideas for your next gathering/event/club/discussion
  • consider best practices to implement so that your virtual gathering goes smoothly
  • choose a solution that fits your virtual connection needs

Whether you're looking to host a virtual dinner party or want to start that club you're passionate about, we think we can hook you up with a platform that'll help recreate that face-to-face energy when everyone is apart. Take your (virtual) social life into your own hands and get connecting!


Disclaimer: None of the platforms featured in this toolkit are endorsed by the University of Toronto. Students should take precautions to understand the risks involved with using and engaging with others on any of the platforms featured.


For more information on relevant U of T resources, recommendations on best conduct, and information on VPNs, check out our Resources page. For frequently asked questions, tips, and best practices, check out our FAQ page.

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