Get Involved with YOUR Community

The Centre for Community Partnerships wants to develop socially-responsible leaders by connecting students to community projects that allow you, students, to apply your classroom learnings in real-world scenerios.

TDSB Tutors in High School Classrooms

Tutor and mentor students in need of academic support in high schools throughout the city. Working with teachers and guidance counsellors, you will gain teaching skills and techniques, learn more about your community, and make a difference in the lives of youths. Click here for more info!

From 3 to 3

Volunteer tutors are trained to use children’s books to help young children learn to reason and tell stories wit the goal of developing their social understanding and language skills. Click here for more info!


Volunteers focus on the entire system that puts food on our tables, in a variety of roles and projects. Be a part of community building programs to help create a better food system, learn abou hunger and food security, and develop your community leadership skills. Click here for more info!

Big Brothers and Big Sisters

Volunteer one hour a week with the In-School Mentoring Program to provide supportive one-to-one mentoring to children ages 6-13 in your Little Brother or Little Sisters’ school. Your mentorship will help build a child’s self-esteem and enhance their interest and participation in school while providing the chance to make a difference in a child’s life. Click here for more info!

Pathways to Education

Offers you an opoprtunity to be a positive influence in the lives of high school students as a volunteer tutor or mentor. Transform the life chances of a generation of young people to become the community’s future leaders while learning about one of Toronto’s most diverse and economically challenged neighbourhoods. Click here for more info!

Community Connections Program

Serve as a mentor, lead activities and provide support for youth and young adults who are newcomers to Canada with the Newcomer Centre of Peel. You will gain experience coordinating activities, develop intercultural communication skills and be a valuable resource and mentor. Click here for more info!

Kensington Gardens Health Care

Become a “Two’s Company” volunteer with Kensington’s Dining Program and enjoy getting to know residents while sharing a meal. Contribute to the well-being of a senior who looks forward to seeing you and appreciates your assistance. You will become a part of a vital community that, like all of us, loves to eat and celebrates with food! Click here for more info!

St. Michael’s Hospital Program

Explore making a difference in a patient’s life while learning superior customer service skills that will enhance the quality of experiences visitors have, every day at St. Michael’s. Click here for more info!

Shoreline Clean Up

A day long service-learning project targeted to provide an opportunity for student leaders to actively showcase their leadership skills and engage a group of U of T students in a worthwhile day of service, increasing environmental awareness and fulfilling your civic duties. Click here for more info!

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