Filed Under (planning) by Geek in Residence on 28-01-2009

Building upon a basic tenet of continuous improvement in the evolution of digital design, a collaborative team approach in constructing a comprehensive student lifecycle web site would move the University of Toronto forward in our student communications efforts.  A failure to embrace and nurture collaborative cross-divisional relationships in this new knowledge economy means we collectively risk disconnection from the students we serve and the gradual loss of competitive edge in the higher education market.

A comprehensive student web space would act as an integrated informational roadmap for the students, and their families, at each stage of the experience:  exploration of U of T as a possibility, application, transitioning from prospective to new, engagement, graduation and beyond.

This new web space will consolidate, build upon and integrate a diverse range of currently active web sites and existing independent systems based on the student point of view and not the administrative structures traditionally relied upon for organizing information at the University.  The space will strive to harnass the rich complexity in a way which is meaningful to the student and will be guided by a set of principles which support communications efforts that are relevant, accurate, timely and interactive.