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The scope of the content included in this site is:

  • The U of T undergraduate student experience (institutional-level)

The scope of work for this project is:

  • Cleaning up & migrating existing student-related websites into a single space (institutional-level)

Content identified as out-of-scope:

  • Graduate student information
  • Professional student information
  • Marketing content for student recruitment
  • Functionality of related tools, e.g.,
    • University application functionality taken care of through OUAC
    • Application status check taken care of through Admissions & Awards
    • Study U of T taken care of through Student Recruitment
    • ULife taken care of through Student Life
    • etc.
  • Information owned by campus-specific student offices
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The goals of the project were originally agreed upon as: Consistency, Coherence, Continuity, and Function over Form. The goals have been refined into actionable objectives that can be measured in some way (i.e., how can we define that the outcome has successfully met our goals?).

The main focus for this particular project is cleaning up our institutional-level web communication for students.

  • Create a single students site that speaks to the lifecycle of a U of T student – from initial consideration up until graduation – and provides access to all available tools and resources related to each phase of the lifecycle (Clarity)
  • Organize information and content by student lifecycle topics vs. internal organizational structure (Coherence)
  • Implement an organizational scheme (both navigation and design) that relates lifecycle phases and tools to one another for the student audience; consolidates and integrates previously disconnected sites (Continuity)
  • Reduce duplicate information and use simple language (Function over form)
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The following were identified as reasons for this project. The reasons relate to business objectives across multiple teams that fall under the Vice Provost, Students division.

  • Reduce duplicate web communications efforts within the Vice Provost, Students division
  • Maximize the value of internal student knowledge & expertise by combining into a single web communications effort
  • A strong & consolidated web resource for all students will strengthen the sense that U of T is devoted to enabling the best possible experience for its students (prospective, current and former alike)
    • Students look to web as a point of communications & source of info
    • Web materials need to be as strong as all other materials – e.g., print, e-mails, newsletters, etc.