What Happens at a P2P Assessment Party?

What Happens at a P2P Assessment Party?

by Erin Clifford


“I’d like someone to bounce my ideas off of”

“I really wish I could have someone to look over my survey and review my questions”

“I know that I should plan my assessment when I plan my program.  I really need a way to build it into my process”

“I’m not an expert, I don’t know if what I’m doing is right”


These are all comments from the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee’s Needs Assessment conducted throughout the Division earlier this year.  In response to these needs the Committee designed monthly Assessment P2P Parties.  The first P2P Party took place on June 16 with twelve people attending and Adam Kuhn supplied the candy (so it really was a party).

Some in attendance brought specific assessment plans and learning outcomes they wanted feedback on.  Others brought ideas and challenges they wanted to talk about.  The unstructured environment allowed people to share, ask questions of their colleagues.   There was even a Work Study Student in attendance who had some great insights into the timing of assessment activities and the student academic schedule.  The Committee received some ideas for resources that would be helpful to produce, ideas for blog topics and promising practices to develop to share with you in the coming months.

Erika Bailey, Transition Advisor with the CIE commented “I am pretty giddy to learn that the Intercultural Learning Program’s  reflexive writing component can be enhanced through an artistic assessment that, while creative, can be measurable for student learning outcomes.”

The next opportunity for you to join the party is Wednesday July 15 from 9:00-10:30 (21 Sussex Meeting Room- #315)


Erin Clifford works in the Office of Student Life as Student Life Coordinator (Mentorship Programs) and is a member of the Learning Outcomes and Assessment Committee

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