Summer Webinars from Campus Labs

Summer Webinars from Campus Labs

from Campus Labs

Summer break is a great time to recharge and reprioritize. It’s also your favorite time to learn – or at least, that’s what our webinar attendance reports have shown us over the years. With that in mind, we’ve packed our calendar full of great opportunities to learn from our consultants as well as some superstar Member Campuses.


Assessment 101 Series: 

 Are you an assessment newbie? Looking to step up your data game next year? Sign up for our Assessment 101 series– you’ll receive supplemental materials and be eligible for a completion certificate. Or if you just need to brush up on a topic or two, select from the list below.

° The Basics of Writing Learning Outcomes

° Picking the Perfect Assessment Method

° The ABCs of Survey Design

° So You Want to Develop a Rubric

° So You Want to Facilitate a Focus Group

° Sharing Your Data


Partner Webinars:

 ° Teaching Methods in General Education (with IDEA)

° An Introduction to CAS (with University of Missouri and the Council for the Advancement of Standards)


Featuring our Member Campuses:

 ° Strengthening College-wide Support of the Strategic Plan with a Continuous Improvement Process (with Orangeburg-Calhoun Technical College)

°  Points, Stars & Stripes: Developing Student Organizations Through Incentive Based Programs (with University of New Hampshire, Temple University & Towson University)

°  Climate Assessments & Sexual Assault: The Technical, the Functional, and the Relevance to Student Affairs Practice (with University of Florida)

°   Implementing a Campus-Wide Co-Curriculum with CollegiateLink (with Arkansas Tech University)

°   Moving Above and Beyond Satisfaction Surveys: A Story of Formative Assessment (with Quinnipiac University)

°  How to Talk to First-Year Students about the Student Strengths Inventory: Framing Strengths-Based Conversations

°  Stop Data Hoarding!  (with Kennesaw University)

°  Maximizing Residence Life Initiatives Using CollegiateLink (with South Dakota School of Mines)

° The Ownership of Assessment: Promoting a Faculty- Driven Approach to Assess Student Learning (with California State University – Fullerton)

°  Increasing Student Adoption After CollegiateLink Implementation (with the University of California – Riverside)


As always, you can view the full schedule at Individuals and groups are welcome, and all webinars will be recorded and available on our YouTube channel after they conclude.


Happy Learning!


The Campus Labs Team

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