Using Infographics to Share Assessment Results

Using Infographics to Share Assessment Results

by Jeff Burrow

Having assessment results is really just part of the challenge. Telling a story about your data and what it means for your programs and services is a part of the assessment cycle that sometimes gets ignored. Infographics are appearing in annual reports, presentations and online all the time (see University of Albany and Binghampton University for some great examples) and are a great way to graphically share some of your assessment data.

Using infographics can be an extremely effective element to add to your assessment efforts. The images can appealing to a wide audience (More than typical tables of stats), they can be shared easily beyond your group to increase the reach of your assessment findings, they can help highlight complex information quickly and easily.

However just as with developing a report or presentation sometime the design can overwhelm the data and ultimately the message. In creating an infographic consider:

  1. Does it stand on its own without any additional explanation?
  2. How much text is in your infographic, can you reduce it without losing meaning?
  3. Are you sharing the right data, metric or finding?

While it may seem daunting to create one of these, one of the most wonderful things about infographics is how many free and great resources there are.  These include

1. CampusLabs – This is the U of T assessment partner.

2. Piktochat – Free resource with guides and templates to developing infographics for reports, banners/posters and presentations

3. Infographics As Assessment (Kathy Schrock) – Videos, tons of guides to creating, samples and more

Next time you are working on a report or presentation or poster, consider adding an infographic. Do some google image searches on your topics to generate some ideas, try one of the free resources above and let your creativity guide you!


Jeff Burrow is a PhD Candidate at OISE and Project Coordinator (Assessment and Analysis) in the Office of Student Life.


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