FYRST Mentorship Program

Team Bios 2010-2011

Name: Vy Nguyen

Hometown: Fairfax, VA

Major: International Relations and East Asian Studies

Year of study: 3

Years lived in Chestnut: 2

Favourite thing about living in Toronto: The variety of food makes me very happy ­čÖé

Fun fact: I have an older brother also studying at UofT.

Memorable moment in Chestnut: On the first day of frosh week, I was worried about walking to campus alone and the whole process of trying to find a friend. So during the LONG wait for the Chestnut elevator to arrive, I said to myself that I should try to be outgoing (at least for these first few lonely minutes). I decided that no matter what, I should introduce myself to whomever was on the elevator. And once the doors opened, I did just that. The girl I ended up talking to became one of my best friends to this day.

Name: Mitika Mathradas

Hometown: Muscat, Oman

Major: Sociology and Employment Relations

Year of study: Third Year

Years lived in Chestnut: This will be my third year at Chestnut

Favourite thing about living in Toronto: Big city experience, I always wanted to live in a city during my undergrad years

Fun fact about you: This could technically be classified as weird, but I only drink hot beverages once they are cold

Memorable moment in Chestnut: There are just too many of them!

Name: Julia Teng

Hometown: Baie du Tombeau- Mauritius

Major: Accounting- Commerce

Year of study: 2

Years lived in Chestnut: 1

Favourite thing about living in Toronto: Mixed ethnicity

Fun fact about you: sense of humour

Memorable moment in Chestnut: outings with the flatmates

Name: Yufei (Edward) Liu

Hometown: Beijing, China

Major: Rotman Commerce

Year of Study: 2

Years lived in Chestnut: 1

Favourite thing about living in Toronto: Multi-cultural environment

Fun Fact about you: Interested in various sports both indoor and outdoor

Memorable moment in Chestnut: Movie Nights

Name: Hisham Khan

Hometown: Rawal Pindi, Pakistan

Major: Mechanical Engineering

Year of study: Second

Years lived in Chestnut:1

Favourite thing about living in Toronto: I like the downtown environment, and the multicultural aspect having come from an expat city, Abu Dhabi.

Fun fact about you: I am a varsity level squash player without playing for them.

Memorable moment in Chestnut: Fire alarm that went off a day before my mechanics final exam!

Name: Aesha Patel

Hometown: Richmond Hill, Ontario, Canada

Major: Pharmacy (B.Sc.Phm.)

Year of study: Will be entering 3rd year

Years lived in Chestnut: 1 year

Favourite thing about living in Toronto: The way the city lights up at night.

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