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Tardy Geek

Yeah. Yeah.  We’re in week 7, and I’m only now catching up on week 6.

First, how other student life folk are using Wikis–I found this on the UBC site.

Now, as to the collaborative Wiki (and I’ll keep this brief, since we’ve ‘moved on’ from that topic): clearly, people are having a lot of fun with it.  I’ve given it a quick read during the week, when I hadn’t the time to actually send for registration, etc. myself. I enjoyed seeing other people…enjoying themselves.  That said, I’ve been having a frustrating experience–not horribly so, but still…–collaborating with a friend using “evite.”  It’s not a Wiki, but has in some sense served as one, since we’ve shared a log-in and password and have been tweaking an online invitation together.  There’s a certain awkwardness about editing a friend’s work, making “helpful” suggestions, biting my tongue at changes that suddenly appear that don’t necessarily conform to the way I thought the finished product might turn out.  Okay. Okay. I’m outed: I guess I’m too much of a control freak to actually find it a sympathetic way to work.  But, no, that’s not completely true.  I like working on documents with friends and peers, but I guess I like the give-and-take of sharing comments, concerns, explanations.  I like knowing WHY somebody did something; I like explaining my own reasoning.  I find that process a really valuable way to think through what it is that we’re all trying to say… I miss that with the Wiki (‘though I think I’ve seen others where you can put notes–still not the same as a conversation/exchange of emails).

Anyway, apologies for pulling out the red pencil as my contribution to the Wiki.  I spent the weekend grading essays…

Oh. And one last observation: I was talking about this ‘course’ the other day to my son (who’s 21 and a student here).  He kind of shook his head sadly and said, “Mom.  It sounds like you’ve surpassed me in geekdom.”  Hey, not bad for a woman who’s fast approaching sixty!

Matilda of the Wiki

Working on the Wiki: very fun.

I notice that we’ve been working fairly sequentially on the story.


That was fun!

Well, that was fun. Could you have imagined even a few years ago being able to collaborate on a story with people in far flung places all working together? How cool is that? I love wikis. I like the idea that we can use the collective wisdom and knowledge to create a whole that is bigger than the sum of it’s parts.

Last fall I was involved with a bookclub wiki. Although it didn’t last all that long, it was great fun to have people add in their favorite books and comment on why they enjoyed them. It was an interesting first experience. Since then I have also heard of students using them to work on class presentations…gives group work a whole new meaning. So I wonder how this can be applied to my work with students?

Only the lonely

I am a lonely wikitier. I have started wiki’s before as a means for collaboration and have not had any luck getting people engaged with the tool. The feedback I have received as to why people do not use wiki’s is that they do not have the time to add another means of communication to their already busy lives. I agree with Val. I too, think there needs to be more than just discussions at our university on how to use technology more effectively. I think there is a need for some sort of culture change.

I’m not sure how to remedy this. Reminders by email get deleted and remembering to log into yet another site appears bothersome. I think once people see how easy it can be, more people will get converted.