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The Evolution of Blogs

It’s amusing how only several years ago, I was trying to wean myself off blogging. Now I’m trying to figure out how blogs can be used to further enhance student learning. Ah, the irony… 

/me takes a moment to reminisce

When I was still a n00b on the interweb and when text-based computer computer games were all the craze (circa 1998), blogs were essentially non-existent. (There were maybe BBSes, and IRC? Oh, don’t forget free dial-up internet from Altavista, ICQ, and the the mouse-moving program hack. Hahaha… oh wait… I’m sidetracking). Perhaps it was the rebellious nature of youths who were looking for unique outlets (away from adults) to express themselves. Or maybe there was a shortage of moleskines. Whatever the reason, “the blog” has somehow managed to establish itself as a commonplace phenomena on the internet within last ten years. I can’t wait to tell my grandkids that I was totes part of this. 

The notion that blogs are cool still manages to perplex me. Even though there are a huge variety of blog topics now, when I first started blogging it was primarily about your day’s happenings, current mood, and current song. How does this have any entertainment/ educational value to it? Now the even more perplexing thing was that I used to do it religiously. (Indeed I am a lemming).

I’ve personally felt that its “private-public nature” would be a turn-off for most people. That’s why the majority of people will blog under a pseudonym, with the material written for an intended audience. Though you were never sure, someone who could always be lurking and reading your posts. I know of instances where Mr. XYZ /facepalm-ed because someone who wasn’t supposed to, read Mr. XYZ LiveJournal. But playing devil’s advocate here, maybe the partial anonymity IS attracting because it affords the writer(s) the capacity to speak their minds while being just a little judgement free. Having been a part of a wordpress blogging project, it was interesting to see all of the different opinions and ideas being thrown out into the open. The only words I would use to describe it: uber cool

Although I can’t pinpoint the reason behind the popularity of blogs, the one thing I do know is that they are a ubiquitous web phenomenon and probably will be for a while (okay, two things). But with the ever-evolving nature of internet communication tools, maybe we should be thinking further ahead. Not merely how to use these tools as they are today, but to push the envelope and find new ways to use them for tomorrow. 

C.F. New way of using youtube –>[]