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I love wikis! (I love how the word sounds) I am fascinated by the way they operate. It surprises me how Wikipedia is being built, the idea of contribution and collaboration is truly amazing. As I said in a previous post, I’d like to get an account because I feel the need to contribute, to generate and share knowledge and I’m even curious to see what happens if I get reverted. Actually, I’d love if Student Life Professionals had a wiki!

The first time I used a wiki was through PB Wiki and I just loved it (except for the fact that I would receive an email every time something was edited). Then I attended a really good session through RCAT where I learned about Encore, a wiki that was designed by Jim Slotta -a professor at OISE. The wiki looks very interesting and I’d like to explore it more to see what it has to offer to the outside of the classroom educators.

After a while, I ended up attending the Toronto Wiki Tuesdays Meetup and had a very interesting experience: I found a lot of business people -or corporate people- sharing their experiences with wikis. The presenters from Navigator, Ltd. talked about their experience using wikis as a project management tool and the challenges of implementing a new tool that nobody new about.  This experience made me think of paradigm shifts and the way we interact with technology. I remember one of the presenters said that users used to edit a file and then post it in the wiki, instead of using the wiki to edit content.

In a meeting a couple of weeks ago, I suggested we used a wiki to collaborate and share information but I felt that the idea was not well received, some people had no experience using a wiki and it was difficult for me to explain the benefits. So I wonder how can we change the culture of our university in order to use technology in a more effective way.


Blogs – Updated February 11


I decided to “geekify” (if that’s not a real word, it should be) myself as I’ve seen students use various modes of communication and I’d like to tap into some of them. I’m still figuring out what blogs are but I’ve seen a few good ones. Aside from UpbeaT, the other student blog that I’ve seen is BlogUT.

As part of my searching for info on blogs, I ran across the following fun blog for all of you who love New York….on to more research!