Discover Your Inner Geek!


When I first heard that this weeks topic was “Mashups”, I thought immediately of the Hockey Night in Canada Mashup site. This site allows you to take video highlights of a game and “mash” them into a video. I’ve since realized that I’ve been looking at mashups without knowing it. One that I’ve discovered is on the Virtual New York City site. This site allows you to tour various locations in NYC.


From a student perspective, I can see having virtual tours of various workplaces. Our Extern Job Shadowing Program provides the opportunity for students to visit with employers in the workplace and I wonder if this type of technology could help students explore a particular worksite (e.g. take a virtual tour of a research facility).  I wonder if technology savvy students could create a “Mashup” style resume online where a potential employer can see more than just the words – the job title on the resume could link to pictures of the workplace and examples of specific projects.


Sadly, this is the final post…I am feeling more Geekified (I now understand those who say “It’s all Geek to me”). For those Lord of the Rings Fans, here is something advertised as the “Ultimate Geek Mashup



Catch-up – Tags

I haven’t used tags much…I’ve seen them on various websites. I experimented using the “Tag Cloud” and I can see some fun applications, especially for departments with complex and layered websites. I’d like to experiment with some simple tagging on the Extern program page with terms such as “job shadowing”, “career exploration” and then more specific terms in the detail pages (e.g. “popular careers”, etc.)