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Mashups and my final post

So first of all, THANK YOU Cheryl for this great course. You’ve shown me so much and I can truly say that I have learned alot and enjoyed the experience. I think that bringing fun, meaning and learning to people is a great gift and you have given us all that with this course. I now have some new tools to play with that will contribute to and enrich my work with students.

Although this is not a map mashup, it does combine many of my favorite things: Audio – TEDTalks, Visuals – graphics with a wordle look and video all combined to produce a good message. Have a look.

Another application of mashups that I’d like to pursue is an idea from an earlier post about mashups that referred to timelines. I think about how often I’ve heard graduating students say “If only I had known this when I started!” So I thought, what if we put together a timeline mashup with lessons learned or words of wisdom of graduating students. Things that they wish they’d done in first year through to graduation. It could connect new students to activities, programs and services they could benefit from sooner rather than later. I’ll have to work on it!

Catch up on Videos

I found this fast entertaining video on student life at DIT (Dublin Institute of Technology) on YouTube. The images are fast moving and highlight students groups, student life programs and services, clubs, and activities. Interspersed are students with short sound bites of advice. It is probably the best I came across in my brief YouTube search. I think this one captured my attention because everything was fast and fun. Having a short attention span, I found myself quickly getting bored with many of the other videos I came across …… and I figure if I’m bored after 5 or 10 seconds what would that say about first year students?! This one was well done. Have a look.