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On the topic of media (web-media), I’m sharing some videos that are inspiring, unique, and excellent examples of the power of the internet as a communications source. I know we’ll be touching on video later in March, but I think this could get us thinking of the possibilities.

Where the Hell is Matt?

Matt travels to different locations around the world and videotapes himself dancing. He started dancing alone and created a website where he posted his videos ( He began posting the locations he was going to dance next, and soon found that the internet can create big connections in real life.

There are over 18 million hits on YouTube for this one video.

Playing for Change: Stand By Me

This video is an excellent example of how the internet can be used to pull people together and inspire them to create a better world.
To date there are close to 6 million hits on YouTube alone.

Did you know 2.0

Although it is a bit American-centric, I find this to be a good reflection for why we all do what we do here at the university. It really captures how technology has changed communication throughout the world, and how quickly we’re moving forward.

How to tell people they sound racist

(Thanks to Jude for this one)
I’ve used this twice now for training sessions with our residence student staff, as well as sent it to some people outside the university.
It’s a great example of how the internet can be used to educate.

Love to hear your thoughts and if you know of any videos that are inspiring or get people thinking.