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Belated Thoughts, Volume 4: Wikis

My apologies folks, but I seem to have fallen into old habits again.  However, I have resolved to get back on track and bring myself back up-to-date (again).  That said, let us recall the topic of wikis (yea, nostalgia)…

If you had asked me a few months ago for my thoughts on wikis, I would have said that Wikipedia is great and that’d be about the sum of it.  I didn’t think of wikis as a collaborative tool beyond the limited role I had assigned them.  Sorry wikis, I didn’t mean to put you in such a small box.

Of course, now I have a better appreciation for the oddly-named development tool.  I see their potential for online collaboration (and group story-telling).  What I find most interesting is that they have this informal feeling about them – they often have limited design, most look unpolished, anyone can use them – they kind of remind me of a workshop with scraps on the floor.  Perhaps this is what makes them an even better collaborative tool – they are unassuming, welcoming, and require little orientation besides a quick video introduction.  Well, that, and they have a cool name…

Matilda of the Wiki

Working on the Wiki: very fun.

I notice that we’ve been working fairly sequentially on the story.