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Okay, I know I’m late on this, but here are my thoughts on tags. My main thought about tags is more of a question than a comment: How do we know what tags to use? Since there’s no standard, and I guess that’s the point, we could be using tags that people may use to search for something completely different. Perhaps what we’re doing is making ourselves searchable to people whom we may never have expected to reach. Are there any rules for good tagging?

Also, I put the UpbeaT blog through TagCrowd and here’s what I got:

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Seems it’s not working in cloud format, but a couple of things stood out to me. Clearly, our bloggers are using the word “really” too much! But where the heck did “ve” come from?


– Chris G

March Cloud Reflection

Wordles communicated more than Clouds.

I made Clouds and Wordles using Obama’s State of the Union Address and then selected pages from a high school website describing the school philosophy, teacher bios, curriculum.  The Clouds appeared pretty flat, like wallpaper, whereas the Wordle versions did manage to visually distill and quickly give a sense of values and info from the pages.  While different from the write-up, the Wordle of the school’s philosophy would make a great poster for the school.  Someone interested in “Socratic,” “Humanistic,” or “Progressive” would at a glance know that this might be a school of interest.