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Catch-up #2 – Videos

I’ve found loads of interesting videos that can help students in their job search and career exploration. Caltech has an interesting page with good interview tips in video format. NOte: shameless plug to follow: one of my cousins has done some work in the US around choosing a good college  and created where students can see videos from various institutions. 


We recently had a panel discussion at the Career Centre providing students with tips on looking for work during a recession and it would be great if we could add this to our website (we’re still learning here). 


Of course, my research wouldn’t be complete without the following link…Cheryl, this is where I get all of my internet knowledge!

TagCloud or Wordle?

If you’d asked me a few weeks ago if I’d be sharing my thoughts on tagsclouds or wordles I would not have known what you were talking about! So it appears Cheryl, that you are definitely succeeding in educating me!

When I read the post that included a “word about wordles” a few weeks ago I was intrigued and immediately went and created a bunch of wordles. It was fun to play with it (hit randomize numerous times) to change the colour and distribution of words. Imagine my disappointment when I realized that I could just print or save to their gallery! (I did figure out a way around that one!) I was equally delighted to discover all about tagclouds. I also dumped my resume in both the wordle and tagcloud sites to see what would happen. The visual image was quite illuminating. I agree with Josh, the wordle was more fun and colourful. It also allowed more words so it had a bigger impact. I started to wonder if this could be used to help people clarify their own understanding of their skills and experiences. When you actually see which words hold more space and which do not, it sharpens the focus. I think this could be an interesting career clarification exercise.