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Lurking and Writing

A student sat quietly through a very lively discussion in a recent Writing Group.  At the very end of the session, the students each spoke, and this student spoke particularly insightfully.  I am thinking about how room for lurking is part of blogging.  Also, what makes the space feel inviting and comfortable for people to enter the conversation?


Reflections of a blogger in training

I wrote my first blog post in August of 2006, the next entry was in November of 2006 and for more than a year I didn’t write anything, next entry was from June 2008. What happened during that time?

1. I freaked out, became so self-aware when writing, very scared, and all inspiration and excitement disappeared.

2. In 2007 I created two new blogs -in Spanish- to see if writing in my first language was easier (it is).

3. I had basically given up when two things happened: I discovered bloglines (after a while I moved to google reader) and started to read more and more blogs and discovered the possibility of writing a Student Life blog.

So, under the spell of a post at Leadership Practice I decided to start a new blog about leadership (this was my 4th), that’s how Deliberate Practice was born.  The only way to get better at blogging is blogging.

Now, this week I’ve realized that part of the blogging process is to work with other bloggers (the read, quote, link approach), however, I don’t think I have many readers and no one has linked to my blog.

What I really hope to acquire is the humour and the ability to tell a story, be engaging. I also need to write more often and really think that the one or two people who have my blog in their rss reader are paid subscribers.