Discover Your Inner Geek!

Podcasting & Video

This GEEK stuff has really got my attention now. I came back from the video session yesterday and told everyone I could, with confidence, that two years down the line SGS will be using this technology to deliver a broad range of service to grad students and administrators alike – and the best part of it is that I get to be involved up to my ears.

Cheryl give me my GEEK diploma right now – cause I have seen the light.

I went through the podcast material rather quickly. Some of it was way too much text. Should have been in audio and I could have listened to it. However I have down loaded my personal kit on podcasting because even though we here at SGS are a year or two away from putting up our own podcasts – Audacity was just what I was looking for – for some personal applications. But hey – call it off-the-job training.

VIDEO week was a real eye opener too. A Vision of Student Life was quite rivetting example of what can be done relatively low tech. I passed it on and in return was directed to videos shot on people’s cell phones (I have to upgrade my cell now)

That’s when I saw the light. I realized that I didn’t have to have tons of expensive audio tech gear, or have to know everything, let alone do everything. Its already happening and I’m waking up on how to tap into it – or at least to start looking.

Perhaps someone can clear up a question I have though. Why is it that I could view A Vision of Students Today but was blocked from viewing the Class of 2008? When I try to run that video a pop up appears that certain plug-ins are blocked and I’m blocked from manually installing — as far as I know at least. HELP?????

Audio Thoughts

Not everything should be a podcast. Just because we can record things and provide them to the general public does not mean we should. I agree with Eva’s point that not everyone has the voice for a podcast. Just like not everyone is meant for radio. There are many people who are engaging when you see them lecture in person but are just plain painful if you are subjected to listen to them without the accompanying video. Case in point, take a listen to some of the TVO best lecturer podcasts.

For me, audio is not enough. I put podcasts on in the background as a sort of white noise filler just like I do the radio at home. I’m not completely listening to the information nor is it sinking in. Perhaps, this would be different if I had an Ipod but I am ipodless and happy.