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Images by Students

Looking at the U of T photos made me wonder how I might incorporate photos taken by students into the work that I do.

Something to explore.


Where are our students blogging now?

Hi Everyone,

I enjoyed Chris’s post. I looked at the atlantic monthly blogs — they seem to be lively and thought provoking but don’t degenerate into boorish and innane in-fighting.

I enjoy  It’s very U.S. centric, but still has a lot of Canadian content. It has many blogs, one of which led me to this story about sculpture in public places – a hot topic for art geeks. The sculpture in question is a giant wild blue mustang with glowing red eyes at the entry to the Denver Airport.

The article is called “An Inconvenient Horse”

I do have a question for the group…does anyone have links to any U of T student blogs- those that  are blogging independently?



Elmer Fudd Google

Elmer Fudd: shh….. be vewy vewy qwiet, I am Googwe seawching

Here is the Ewmew Fudd version of Google search UI: