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La Grande Finale

Here it is… La Grande Finale!

It’s been fun! Thanks again to Cheryl for putting this all together and to all of you for the stimulating discussions!  Here’s to the geeks!


UPDATE :: La Grande Finale

I have finished La Grande Finale – the last of my reflections for the Geek in Training course.  I gave our Geek in Residence a sneak peak at the product of my labours yesterday afternoon and we have decided to keep it a surprise until graduation.  I am so excited to show you all what this course has inspired me to create!

(No worries, La Grande Finale will be posted to the blog on Monday so that you can take a look if you missed its premier.)


Catch Up 5 & 6: Audio and Video

I must admit.  I love podcast and videocasts.  They are more likely to hold my attention than just a blog or an online article.  I get very excited when I see my friends post a podcast or video for my to listen to or watch because I get to hear and see their expressions.  This is most likely because I am a strong auditory and visual learner.

Lately, I’ve been using podcasts for relaxation purposes.  There are tons of meditation podcasts available out there.  I usually need some sort of background music when I am working,  however, lately I’ve found that meditation podcasts are much more effective than the radio.  I encourage you to try one out!  It adds a subtle spa feeling to your office 😛

Videos are my new obsession.  I used to enjoy making small videos for my friends overseas,  however, I’ve expanded my love for video making to my workplace now!  I just created a video for the LEARN program.  I will post the link to the video once I’ve edited it!  Not only do video attract the attention of students; students love to get involved in the making of one!  I put a call-out for any interested LEARN students to  help me with the creation of the video, and a few hours later I had enough student-volunteers for 2 videos!  I definitely recommend using videos for marketing and promotional purposes!  Happy directing!

Second Life and Careers

Using my “ancient” computer at home, I haven’t been able to get direct access to second life but I’ve been exploing various articles about it. It seems like an interesting idea.


I’ve seen articles talking about how some companies are using Second Life for recruitment purposes but I haven’t seen anyone actually doing it. One application I could see is if students created avatars and then were able to conduct practice interviews online (they could even get advice about how professional dress codes using the avatar).  I’d be curious if an employer would be interesting in attending an online job fair using second life (the students could “walk” to any of the employers and ask questions). It would make it easier for out of town employers to interact with more students (it would be interesting to see if they would get a quality interaction online).




Well, maybe if I had a lot more time and a lot more ingenuity, I could find that well-crafted video about student life. The truth, though, is that when I googled and youtubed videos about same, I found one of two things: slick promotional material, clearly produced by universities to sell their university to prospective students or choppy, angry, poorly filmed and depressingly, er, boring films by students with a gripe. I looked and looked and looked. But that’s all I found. Then I went to iTunes U and didn’t find anything about student life, but did find some nice things for National Poetry Month. I watched part of a video about the poet Linda Pastan: it was intelligent, aesthetically pleasing, fast-paced without being fragmented. I didn’t feel that I was being sold a bill of goods; I just felt, well, interested, engaged.

A Glimpse of a Student Working on his MFA Thesis

I found a well crafted video, Ian Wang Writing His MFA Thesis, that gives us, with a nice blend of humor and seriousness, a glimpse of a student working toward completing his MFA thesis.  I like the simplicity of the film.  The lighting is good.  The filmmaker doesn’t jump around very much, lets the subject speak.  The drama is the non-drama of writing–a guy working away (slowly) on his MFA thesis, with a goal of producing about 200 words a day.


My reflection in a video

Hello world

(I wonder if that will get me geek points…)

Well, I want to say that I have learned how to make a video! Yeeey! I decided to learn by doing and now I’m ready to share with you all my confused face while trying to make the video (and trying to stop filming). Check it out

It was fun, I actually want to try more and click on every button. I did it with IMovie.

I also want to share a link from the Stanford Graduate School of Business, it has short videos about leadership.



Found this article and video about how the University of Minnesota is successfully using videos. They use YouTube as a publishing tool.

A quote from the article:

“Anyone who’s part of the University of Minnesota, whether they’re students, staff, professors or alumni, can make their own video and then submit it to the University. If the University chooses, it’ll upload it to the channel. ” 

This last link is to the U of M video channel on YouTube. Very polished. The videos get many thousands of views.


One sense too few

I read the essay Socrates in Earpods? with fascination. I then followed the author’s advice and took a moment to appreciate sound. The moment ended quickly. I didn’t find much to appreciate. I need visuals. The idea of recorded lectures is about as appealing to me as cake without sugar. Even music in my ipod is just a soundtrack for me to look cool walking down the street.

I can’t imagine if you had ever given me the choice between attending class — with the possibilities of meeting a cute classmate, the prof’s fly being open, someone farting — and listening to a lecture on an ipod that I would EVER have chosen the latter. No matter how busy I was.

That said, the sound of CBC Radio fills our home most hours of the day. But what makes CBC such an enjoyable experience is not just the high production values, but the relationships I’ve developed with those voices. Me and Andy Barrie go way back. But I don’t listen to CBC podcasts. I like the spontaneity of the live show.

I think my only point is that, for me, audio is not enough. To be truly engaged in something, I need stimulation to some other senses.

– Deanne.