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Last kick at the can…


Decided to see what one of Hamlet’s soliloquy looked like tagged.   Used “O that this too, too sullied flexh would melt; thaw and resolve itself into a dew.” I think poor William is rolling over in his grave from the nightmare his masterpiece has been converted to.  Then again, with his awesome mind, tags might just provide him with a whole new way of conceptualizing the written word.


I’m almost sure (note the almost) that I already completed the RSS homework a long time ago but forgot to blab (oops!) I mean blog about it!  I have Google alrerts  on career development and employment trends coming straight to my inbox which meant that I set up an account with there.  Does that count?


Thanks Cheryl for a wonderful learning experience. Whether or not I get to graduate, it was time well spent (at least the little time I had to dedicate to this) Awesome!

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