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A couple of things about our experience making the video. It was really fun, and I was amazed that you could actually record quite a lot of video with a regular digital camera.

When I was speaking to the camera, I didn’t really think much about how I looked. Then when I saw myself, I was suprised, and not just because I don’t like seeing myself on video, nor because it’s still weird to hear my voice when it sounds so different in my own head. No, it was the fact that I was looking all over the place, just about everywhere but the camera. It’s very different from a workshop or a lecture, in which you try to make eye contact with individual members of the group. Here, your eye contact must be focused, either to the camera, or a little off to the side. So a useful tip is to make sure you focus on one person behind the camera or on the camera itself when you’re being interviewed for video. And if I’m doing a video, I’ll make sure to remind the subject to talk to me or to the camera.

Video is so ubiquitous, it seems obvious we should be using it more in our work. Here at U of T, I’ve seen Engineering, Innis College and the UTM Career Centre all use video really well, and I’m sure there’s more out there.

Thanks to YouTube, the amateur esthetic is the standard now, so there’s no reason to think we need expensive equipment and perfectly composed shots to make video, though we do want to achieve that oh-so-important feeling of “stately warmth”!

Chris G

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