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Virtual Worlds

Until now, I was only aware of virtual worlds through video games and the ever popular “Sim City”.  Second Life is truly extraordinary.  After googling, “Second Life university orientation”, I came upon various post-secondary institution’s Second Life realms.  Most of them were dedicated to recreating the campus’ enviroment, and allowing students more access to various resources and opportunities.  An example of one Second Life that I found is,  This link provides Ohio University’s promotional video for their Second Life campus.

I suppose that my opinion on virtual worlds is twofold.  First, I think this is a great opportunity to provide another avenue of access to our students.  However, as I browse through some of these virtual worlds, I’m left feeling uncertain in these utopian type realms that lack human-to-human contact.  Although these spaces create more access, they lack the challenges, bumps, and rewards that one would receive in an actual situation.  They lack the chemistry that one would feel when they were to interact face-to-face with a new friend.

Although interesting, I’m not quite sure I’m sold on the effectiveness of virtual worlds…at least in my functional area.

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