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Catch Up 5 & 6: Audio and Video

I must admit.  I love podcast and videocasts.  They are more likely to hold my attention than just a blog or an online article.  I get very excited when I see my friends post a podcast or video for my to listen to or watch because I get to hear and see their expressions.  This is most likely because I am a strong auditory and visual learner.

Lately, I’ve been using podcasts for relaxation purposes.  There are tons of meditation podcasts available out there.  I usually need some sort of background music when I am working,  however, lately I’ve found that meditation podcasts are much more effective than the radio.  I encourage you to try one out!  It adds a subtle spa feeling to your office 😛

Videos are my new obsession.  I used to enjoy making small videos for my friends overseas,  however, I’ve expanded my love for video making to my workplace now!  I just created a video for the LEARN program.  I will post the link to the video once I’ve edited it!  Not only do video attract the attention of students; students love to get involved in the making of one!  I put a call-out for any interested LEARN students to  help me with the creation of the video, and a few hours later I had enough student-volunteers for 2 videos!  I definitely recommend using videos for marketing and promotional purposes!  Happy directing!


  1.    1 Chris says:

    Hi Estelle:

    Gotta good link for those meditation podcasts?


    Posted April 28, 2009, 2:22 pm
  2.    2 estelle.oliva says:

    There are TONS on, however, check out Enjoy 🙂

    Posted April 28, 2009, 4:29 pm

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