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I think I like map mashups. I thought the Campus Compass was kind of cool & useful. I found a Toronto map mashup that was potentially good–it said it showed where to find chocolate in Toronto (sounds okay, no?), which it did, but it didn’t include Stubbe’s, so I’m not sure how useful it really was. I found a site that should have been there, but somehow wasn’t, or wasn’t complete. I got the feeling that the university (I think it was in Pennsylvania?) was given some seed money to get a project going a few years ago, but never got the money to see the project through to completion (it was a map mashup of Dublin as represented by Joyce in Ulysses).

This made me realize, as an English prof, that map mashups might offer an opportunity to bring texts to life for students. I really enjoy doing literary holidays–you know, finding all the bars frequented by the Beats in NYC, or Bloomsbury haunts in London or the Lost Generation’s Paris. I couldn’t find any of these on the web, but wish I knew how to make them: I could imagine being able to click on designated sites on map mashups and voilà!…suddenly there would appear images, passages from novels, poems, letters, videos from YouTube. I would discover where to get Hemingway’s moveable feast or Virginia Woolf’s cheroots… Uh, what was that about the internet and procrastination…???


  1.    1 m.fost says:

    Check out Google Earth’s map of “Portrait of the Artist” and also “On the Road.”

    Also, the New York Times Book Review created a New York literary map with input from readers. The first article on the project is “We’ll Map Manhattan” The follow-up article is “We Mapped Manhattan”,%202005&st=cse. And best of all here’s a link to the map they produced: (Note that there’s a trick to using the map–you need to move the rectangle that’s on the map on the right down using your mouse to get to many of the entries.)

    Posted April 24, 2009, 10:35 am
  2.    2 n.perret says:

    Thanks, Michelle. Those sites are neat. I’d be happy to work with you on a U of T study spots map mashup if we could get someone to help with the technical stuff… Any takers?

    Posted April 24, 2009, 8:02 pm

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