Tuesday, October 20th, 2009...11:24 am

Free Accessible E-Book Reader

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The book distributor Backer & Taylor is teaming up with K-NFB (a collaboration between Kurzweil Technologies and the National Federation of the Blind) to create a free E-Book reader that will be fully accessible to people with print disabilities (including blindness, low-vision and learning disabilities.) The software will be called e-reader.

This software will work on personal computers as well as multiple mobile phone platforms and be able to display books in the ePub and PDF formats (among others.)

What makes this news so exciting is that a main stream product has been built to be accessible from the ground up. The idea that these services will be available for free is also a stark contrast to the current cost of these applications that cost hundreds to thousands of dollars.

Users of this software will be able to purchase e-books through this software, providing a revenue model for this software.

This venture was announced last week at the Frankfurt Book Fair (October 14, 2009) but there is still no news on when this product will be available.

Here’s the official announcement on KNFB’s site.

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